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Cost of Operation

At the moment, our operational expenses is at around USD 1,600 per month.

This is the expenses of living, training, gaming house, bills, transportation and company's operation. Not even mentioning equipments and gears.

Next Gen's Targets

  •  Bring Vietnam DotA 2 to compete with the world in ONLAN tournaments.
  •  Become an investment gateway to DotA 2 for domestic and international investors.
  •  Become a role model for living our dreams to the fullest with passion and hard working.
  •  Develop a young team.

What Will Happen In the Days to Come

  Offline 15th Oct for roster announcement & preparation

  Pubstomp 10-13th November to support the team

  Offline 30th November for future tournaments

  GEXT's LAN final on 21st October (unofficial)

  Introduce Next Gen Eternal team aftert Korea/Malaysia tour

WESG - Asia Pacific Lan Finals

This tournament consists of 37 countries in the APAC region, with the final 16 teams going for LAN event in Korea. Prize pool is 500,000 RMB.

To be qualfied for this event, our team had to eliminate the other 11 countries in the so-called "death group".

WESG announced that they will support 5 tickets, which means our team will need to self-sponsor 2 more tickets for the manager and a coach/sub player. Estimated cost for this is USD $1,000.

Other than that, we will also need to self-sponsor for food and transportation cost for 6 days, 5 nights staying in Korea.

ROG Masters - The biggest esport tour in Asia

This is the biggest ever esport tournament in Asia. The SEA qualifier alone has seen more than 200 teams registered. The prize pool is $150,000.

To be qualified for this event, our team had to win 6 matches and defeated Execration (XctN), who has just won the "South East Asia Championship" 11 days ago, in the most convincing way.

There is no further news of the supported slots yet.

Cost for participating tournament in Korea/Malaysia ~ USD 1,000

(these progresses are not real-time updated)

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